Ngo Chiropractic Immune Support

Immune Support

‘Tis the season for colds and flu! The holidays can make us feel pretty sluggish from all the food, sugar, and drinks consumed. Add on some holiday stress and we’ve got one compromised immune system. For the most part, our body’s immune system does a pretty good job on its own defending us from germs and viruses, however, it’s always good to take additional steps to boost your immunity for long term health. Here are some ways you can help keep your immune function at its best through the winter months and beyond.

  • A Well-balanced Diet. The foods we eat have a great impact on our health. Sugar is the worst offender. It’s highly addictive and can cause spikes in blood sugar (diabetes) and the scale (obesity). Consuming too much sugar can slow white blood cells from attacking bacteria that enter the body. As far as diet is concerned, we encourage you to eat a nutrient-dense diet consisting of dark leafy greens, fruits, and non-starchy vegetables, lean and/or plant-based proteins, and whole grains. We know it’s hard to stay clear of sugar entirely, so do your best to avoid any added sugars.
  • Supplement Vitamin C and Zinc. Both supplements have been proven to help to reduce the onset and duration of a cold as soon as you feel one coming on. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and is essential for the growth and repair of tissue all over the body. Zinc enhances our body’s natural inflammatory response to help fight off infections.
  • Drink water. We cannot stress this one enough. Water purifies the body, flushes out toxins, and hydrates all your cells. We recommend quality filtered water, preferably alkaline like the Kangen Water System. If you find water to be too boring, which it can be, try infusing it with fruits and herbs. We have several options for you to try at the office weekly, so feel free to ask us for some recipe ideas.
  • Check your alignment. Believe it or not, your nervous system plays an important role in your immune function. Your body is constantly fighting off germs and bacteria. With a weakened nervous system, your immune system has a lower potential to fight these foreign bodies and bacteria which leads to illness. When properly aligned from the atlas, your nervous system is able to interact with your immune system to defend your body of germs.

Reach out and ask us about our Fire Cider shots. Fire Cider is a health tonic with powerful immune-boosting ingredients. Supply is limited, so be sure to ask for a sample at your next visit. If you are interested in making your own Fire Cider,