Meet The Doctors

Dr. Amanda Campbell
I remember when I was quite young, I looked at my father and said, “Dad, when I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor or a lawyer!” My father replied, “Well, dear, you can help a lot of people either way, except if you are a lawyer, you may have to lie.” With a perplexed look on my face, I responded with a shrug and stated, “Doctor it is then!”

Fast forward to several years later working in my teens as a chiropractic assistant, through entering my own doctoral status and becoming well versed in traditional chiropractic techniques, when unexpectedly the universe dropped a big message in my lap.

At a wedding reception in my hometown, I was introduced to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor claiming to utilize an instrument with Sound Wave Percussion technology. Curiosity and a bit of perfectionism encouraged me to travel to Florida to investigate this technique. I had the privilege of shadowing multiple practitioners and learning the baseline of their approach. On my final day, they performed an upper cervical adjustment on me with the sound wave percussion instrument. Full transparency, I didn’t expect much. A few hours post adjustment, much to my surprise, everything they informed me of came to life. My body felt such dynamic changes, and after 48 hours I felt like I was in an entirely different body. My posture improved, my memory seemed sharpened and even the cadence of my voice seemed more fluid. It was a career game changer!

Today, I aim to utilize the very best approach to help individuals reach their full healing potential. Chiropractic was a big step, and Upper Cervical was the home run. It’s an honor and a privilege to perform the work we do with such specificity and gentleness, allowing everyone to gain true vitality—naturally.

Dr. Josh Silver
Upper Cervical has had so many big meanings to me throughout my life. When I first started Chiropractic school, my goal was to find the single best move in the world. If I only had one chance to do one thing to a person’s body, and change their life forever, what would it be? That journey led me initially to upper cervical, and eventually Advanced Orthogonal.

Later that year, I experienced an upper cervical adjustment for myself and finally overcame a 10-year headache condition. At that point upper cervical meant a way to take care of my health and my families. Once I started my neurology education, I started to see the bigger effects upper cervical care was having on brain function. After that, it became a way for me to help elevate the current healthcare system.

After nearly 8 years in practice and seeing thousands of patients, upper cervical is a way for me to take care of my community with the most precision, certainty, and results that I can obtain. Upper Cervical care is the purpose of my life, and I am excited to share my passions with you!