What to Expect

At Dr. Ngo Chiropractic, we don’t just assume that you need the treatment before walking through our doors. We do a thorough consultation and explain what to expect.


First Visit

What to Expect

Our first visit consist of a consultation, examination and x-rays. We do a thorough consultation to see what the patient is experiencing and the condition that may be going on with the body. From there, we do a comprehensive exam to see if the patient is out of alignment and if that may be the cause behind why the patient is experiencing that particular symptom(s). If the patient is out of alignment, Dr. Ngo will take 3-dimensional x-rays to evaluate how the patient is out of alignment. Not every patient is built the same. Every one have different genetic bone structure and different history of life experience and/or trauma. For that reason, each misalignment is as different as a fingerprint. That’s why we have to take precise x-rays and thoroughly analyze it.

Second Visit


Our second visit consist of an overview of the x-rays, the adjustment and post x-rays. After Dr. Ngo had analyzed the x-rays, she will review the x-rays with the patient so that he/she can see the misalignment and how it is creating nerve impingement. Afterwards, she will deliver the first atlas adjustment using a percussive sound wave instrument. The adjustment is very gentle. Most patients don’t feel a thing the moment the adjustment is delivered. As a matter of fact, the instrument doesn’t even touch the patient the majority of time. The force from the sound wave, exiting through the tip of the instrument, is what moves the bone back in place. As soon as the atlas bone is back in place, taking pressure of the nerves, that’s when healing takes place.

Our goal and concept is for patients to get better and stay better. That’s why HOLDING adjustments is so important. After the initial adjustment, Dr. Ngo will provide instructions for the patient to help them hold their corrections. Due the different bone structures and soft tissue strength and backgrounds, everyone have different holding abilities. As long as you take it easy and care for your adjustment in the beginning, you will have a better chance of holding the adjustments.

Follow Up Visit

Dr Ngo inspecting back of neck

Follow-up visits include a brief exam to evaluate whether a patient is still holding the atlas adjustment or if for some reason it slipped out of alignment.

More atlas adjustments may be needed in the beginning for care to retrain the muscle and get the bone and soft tissues towards a state of stability.

If the patient is holding their atlas correction, Dr. Ngo may need to adjust other parts of the spine, and/or recommend other soft tissue therapy to aid in the patient’s healing process.


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