Dr Ngo Advanced Orthogonal Patient

What is Advanced Orthogonal?

Advanced Orthogonal is a very gentle and precise procedure for getting the atlas bone back into alignment. The Advanced Orthogonal percussion adjusting instrument uses a very small percussive sound wave force at a very specific angle to move the atlas bone back into the correct position.

A thorough examination must be performed to determine whether you have an atlas misalignment. The next step involves taking specific 3-D x-rays of the upper cervical (neck) area, to measure misalignments down to the 1/100th of a degree. This gives us an exact blueprint of your spine and the precise vectors needed to correct the misalignment.

Dr Ngo Xray 3


Once your misalignment is evaluated, your doctor will use the measurements and angles to place you on the adjusting instrument according to the findings. Your body’s position is measured in relationship to the instrument, and the instrument is aligned to the atlas bone. Once every factor is set, the gentle percussive sound wave is delivered to correct the misalignment. The percussion-wave instrument adjustment is based 100% on the patients misalignment variables.


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With Advanced Orthogonal, there is no guesswork; treatment is precisely calculated and personalized for every individual.

The outcomes of these refinements have eliminated as much human-error from the misalignment puzzle as possible.  Through dedicated study and strict adherence to the fundamentals, these enhancements allow the Advanced Orthogonal doctor a consistent clinical procedure for accurate evaluation and reduction of the atlas subluxation complex.  Furthermore, the doctor can have confidence in using a protocol that allows conclusive, dependable, and repeatable objective results.


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Advanced Orthogonal Chiropractic has proven to be extremely effective in providing longer-lasting corrections. We find that precise adjustments tend to hold much better than general adjustments. Healing takes place when you are holding your alignment. This leads to less adjustments and less visits overall according to your individual care plan. This allows patients to obtain lasting changes throughout their entire body after a precise atlas correction.


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