September Challenge!

Welcome to the September Challenge! What is this challenge you may ask? Throughout the month of September we’re asking patients to join us in a Healthy Eating Challenge. From Monday through Friday we have created a guideline to challenge yourself to eat well, incorporate healthy ingredients, and test your creativity. Weekends are “free” to enjoy what you wish!

Meatless Monday – Go full on vegetarian for the day, or swap out a meal or two to be completely meatless.

Turmeric Tuesday – Find a way to incorporate this super, anti-inflammatory food into your meals.

Wrap Wednesday – Throw your favorite salad into a traditional wrap, or get even more creative with healthy wrap alternatives.

Thirsty Thursday – No booze here! It’s good to give the ol’ digestive system a break, so try a juice or smoothie in place of a meal or snack.

Fermented Friday – Fermented foods are jam packed with pre and probiotics that are excellent for gut health. See what kinds of fermented foods you can add to your meals.

We’ll be sharing our creations on our Instagram and Facebook page, and we want to see what you come up with too! Tag us and use the hashtag #ngohealth for a chance to be featured!

Are you up for the challenge?