Is Your Spine Deteriorating?

It is possible! Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis to affect the spine. Arthritis can occur anywhere along the spine, but is more frequent in the lower back and neck. Osteoarthritis doesn’t just form overnight. Spinal degeneration is typically caused from misalignments, traumas, and/or typical everyday wear and tear over an extended period of time.

Spinal deteriorating starts with forward head carriage and loss of normal neck curve. This is when the neck becomes straight and in some cases, starts to develop a reversed curve. If left untreated, over time there will be degeneration of the discs as well as the spine.

Many people aren’t aware of this because pain usually does not present itself immediately. Sometimes it may be interpreted as tightness and/or stiffness, but then the discomfort gets progressively worse until it becomes unbearable. A normal neck should have a forward curve, no spurring on the vertebrae and healthy discs.

So, how do we correct spinal degeneration before it creates irreversible damage? Posture is a key factor, especially for those who work on the computer all day. Always sit upright with ears above shoulders, and shoulders above hips. Cervical pillows can also help restore normal neck curve as you sleep. But the most important way to improve posture and normal curve is to GET ADJUSTED! Atlas adjustments put the entire spine in alignment, and proper alignment helps overall posture.

From the x-rays below, this famous patient of ours, Tammy, initially started Advanced Orthogonal care in 2017 with x-rays showing a complete reverse curve. After 2 years of treatment, her x-rays in 2019 showed that the curve at the top part of her neck is starting to return, however the bottom part is still reversed.

                                     2017                                                            2019
In 2020, the bottom part of her neck starts to straighten out and the top part continues to return to a normal curve. Today, in 2021, the cervical curve restores even more, despite the fact that she works at the computer all day, and hasn’t done any additional neck exercises to work on the natural curve.

                                        2020                                                          2021
These x-rays through the years demonstrate how POWERFUL an atlas adjustment can be. It shows how Largo upper cervical care may reverse spinal deterioration, correcting the posture and creating a healthy spine.

I encourage everyone to get your family and friends checked for a better quality of spinal life!